Coming to Know Number (Second Edition)


A Mathematics Activity Resource for Elementary School Teachers (Full Text) by Dr. Grayson Wheatley and Dr. Anne Reynolds

This 233-page book is a fresh and effective approach to elementary school mathematics.

It features ready-to-use activity sheets that are research-based and promote lasting number sense.

Coming to Know Number emphasizes thinking in tens and mathematical reasoning. Two decades of research with these activities document the effectiveness of using Problem Centered Learning in helping students develop strong number sense and confidence in themselves as mathematics students.

"An indispensable supplement to any mathematics program."


  • A fresh and effective approach to number development
  • A rich set of pupil-ready activity sheets
  • Encourages students to construct meaningful methods of computing
  • Helps students learn to think in tens
  • Enhances mathematical reasoning in arithmetic
  • Research-based activities shown to promote number development.
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233 Pages
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233 pages

Coming to Know Number (Second Edition)

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